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Toddlers are SO Embarrassing, but are SO Worth It!

I left the library today with sweat rolling off of me. I juggled a squirmy toddler and a bag of books, while trying to avoid rain puddles and utter embarrassment.

We made a trip to the library today, and what I thought would be a fun experience was not. The play area was overly crowded and many of the children were not playing nice, mine included. Some children (thankfully not mine), got into a fist fight. I just wanted to grab some books to break away from our routine of favorites at home. Not only did my child NOT want to leave, she made it very ckear to all in the library, throwing herself on the ground, exerting all her dead weight so mom had to crawl on the floor jsut to pick her up.

But, instead of judgemental looks, I got a lot of sympathy. The librarian at the checkout could tell I was frazzled and encouraged Hannah to be a big girl and carry one of her books. She smiled kindly at me, even when my child was acting like the spawn of all the is not good or holy.

As we got to the car, little miss calmed down and read one of her books all the way home. When I asked if she was happy We went, she smiled and nodded her head. I may not have been in the moment, regretting the decision profusely, but I am now. The library, though threatening at the time for momma shame and embarrassment, not to mention the anxiety, became a safe place as other mommas understood.

It’s not easy doing this mom thing, and by golly, those little kiddos can cause sheer embarrassment. And, let’s not forget to mention the work out they give us, but its worth it. Its worth it to step out of our comfort zone. I cultivated an environment of curiosity by getting new books, and Hannah cultivated a learning opportunity, especially about sharing and being nice. And hey, if all else fails, lets look on the glass half full kind of side of things and remember, I got a dang good work out without having to even go to the gym.

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