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I’m Glad You are Two

Having a two year old feels like I’m living real-time in a “No, David” book sometimes. You know those books, where David gets into a ton of trouble, but at the end of the day, he loves his mom and his mom can’t help but wrap him in a big hug. Yea, that’s my kid; high strung, always into some type of mischief, but so stinking cute. I like to believe she is my wild child, though baby will determine that (surprise!). But, I’m glad for her. I’m so very glad.

I’m glad you are two. I’m glad that you still seek out mommy in a crowded room, just to hug my legs and reassure me that you are okay. You don’t know how much I need that.

I’m glad that you love to hold my hand, even when its in the car and I’m in the front seat and you are in the back, and it feels like my arm might fall off.

This is typical.

I’m glad that you love to hug my head or neck and squeeze as hard as you can, with a huge smile on your face.

I’m glad that you push my buttons and the limits. You are such a challenge some days, and I know I can be too. I’m glad that you give me grace, and that you teach me what unconditional love looks like on this planet.

I’m glad that you are still tiny and need momma when you wake in the night, fall, or find the tiniest booboo on a scuffed knee.

And, I’m glad that even on the days that seem like bedtime will never come, that when it does come, my heart longs for you. That my arms feel empty while you sleep peacefully in your bed. I’m thankful for that feeling, even though you still are little because I know these days, though they feel like some are so long and lonely, really are flying by fast, and sooner rather than later, you will be chasing boys, dreams, careers, and even littles of your own someday.

See, baby girl, even though I will never be as thin as I was in college, or I may have mountains of laundry and dishes every day, I wouldn’t trade it. I love being your momma, and am so thankful for the good and the bad days. Each day I get with you is a gift, and I’m glad for that. I am glad you are two. And, you can stay this little for awhile.

2 thoughts on “I’m Glad You are Two”

  1. I see a happy mommy here. I’m sure there are challenges raising a two year old but a smiling face of a child has the power to make a person happy, especially her mommy. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. They had me smiling too. xx

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