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Potty Training Day 3

We started potty training my 2 year old on Monday. And to say it has been a breeze would be a lie. We aren’t doing any of the 3 day methods, though I love the idea. But our friends that we are currently staying with probably wouldn’t be a fan of accidents on their nice furniture. Either way, our kiddo has absolutely no interest in the potty. I’ve tried candy incentives, ice cream, cookies, toys, singing songs, and more. She goes in her pull up and doesn’t even care. So, we aren’t pushing it too hard at the moment. If she shows an interest, fantastic! I know she is still young.

And yet, I’m still frustrated. And a little discouraged. About 2 weeks ago, she would constantly tell us she needed the potty, even in public. We were surprised, so that’s why we decided she must be ready to try. I know all kids go through stages of regression, but, man, does it test your patience. I wonder, though, if we put too much pressure on our kids? Of course, using the potty is a necessary skill. If my kid is still wearing diapers in high school, I’ve failed, and well, the cost will be here college tuition.

Isn’t she the cutest?!

There really isn’t a big aha! moment or moral of the story here. In just saying that momma, I’m in the trenches of it, right there with you. Parenting is hard. Its frustrating. There’s tantrums over the stupidest things, and patience runs thin. But, I wouldn’t trade a single day of it. At the end of it all, she’s still my little lovey booger. We will get this potty stuff down eventually. Putting away money for her college tuition just might have to wait, though.

Are you in the trenches of potty training? What works for you and your kiddo?

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