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Momma, You are Where You are Meant to Be

I have a lot to get done today. My to-do list seems to keep growing, and my schedule is a little shifted around today to accommodate for everything. I have places to be, people to meet, and chores to do. Really, its not my typical day. I’m not that important. But, then, life happened.

My poor kiddo woke up with a pretty bad cold that has her coughing non stop today. I figured we could just keep it kind of chill today, then, and watch TV, color, play pretend; things that she would be okay with while I worked on my list.

But, then, Hannah wanted to paint, which was fine. But, she insisted I sit with her and paint. I could have said no, but something told me to slow down, and sit down.

So, I did. I turned on the Christian station on Amazon Music and painted with my little artist for about an hour. And, in that hour, God spoke to me.

He told me, good job, Momma. You are making your child feel loved.

You are interacting with her.

You are helping grow her character and creativity.

You are providing for her by being present, which is more important than the pile of dishes in the sink.

You are doing what I called you to do.

It has taken me a very long time to feel myself in this role of motherhood. I’ve struggled with identifying myself as just a mom and leaving my career field. I’ve struggled with loneliness, anxiety, depression, uncertainty.

Today, God ensured me that I am where I am meant to be, and I am doing what He has called me to do.

Moms, if you feel like you are straining yourself to get it all done, or that your list is never ending, or that you are just a mom, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. If you are loving on your tiny clan, you are doing what you are supposed to. God placed you in this role for a reason, and if that means sitting for an hour painting Peppa Pig, then you paint Peppa like you are getting paid $1 million. Because, to your kiddo, that’s how it feels.

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