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Hi there! Welcome to Jotted notes…dotted lines.  I’m Shannon, the face behind the words.  I’ve been blogging off and on for many years, and think I have found what I am really passionate about when it comes down to it…life.  I want to share life with you.  As what my husband and I consider to be nomads, we have found that friendships often brew online in today’s society of travel and technology.  So, pull up a chair, friend, and grab some coffee, because I want to share life with YOU.

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Meet Josh and Hannah

I’ve been married to my wonderful, competitive, handsome, God-loving husband, Josh, since 2016.  WE were blessed with our daughter, Hannah banana in 2017, but have two fur-sons, JB and Tucker.

black lab dog outside
JB, my old man.


Black Mouth Cur dog
    My baby boy, Tucker

We tend to move quite a bit, hence the nomads.  Perhaps that’s what makes me a dreamer and adventurer. So, before you get to exploring yourself, here’s a few things to know about me:

  • Coffee lover, including the art of making coffee. (I actually barista’d for 3 years).
  • Florida State University Seminole
  • Working on my first novel
  • Harry Potter fanatic
  • mental health struggler (Postpartum)
Cosplay of Harry Potter-Sirius Black and Rita Skeeter
My husband is such a trooper, going to Harry Potter parties with me. Can you guess our characters?