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#WhyMyKidisCrying Today I was the Mean Mom

Today, I was the mean mom for countless reasons. And tonight, I feel like a terrible mom because I always hate seeing my kid's face melt into sad tears, whether fake or real, when she is upset.

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My Anxiety Doesn’t Allow Me to Stop

Its naptime in our house, and I know I need to rest. That's my self-care. Being pregnant, and in the third trimester means that rest is important. But, my anxiety tells me other things are more important. Even as I lie down, my mind races, making mental check lists and scheduling things that probably won't… Continue reading My Anxiety Doesn’t Allow Me to Stop

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Chores, Control, & Toddlers: Learning to Trust God in the Process

Do you have control issues? I know I do, especially when it comes to things done around the house. If we had a dishwasher, I'd want my husband to load it a certain way. I have to trust that he would so it 'right.' But, we don't, so I have a never ending pile of… Continue reading Chores, Control, & Toddlers: Learning to Trust God in the Process

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Momma, You are Where You are Meant to Be

I have a lot to get done today. My to-do list seems to keep growing, and my schedule is a little shifted around today to accommodate for everything. I have places to be, people to meet, and chores to do. Really, its not my typical day. I'm not that important. But, then, life happened. My… Continue reading Momma, You are Where You are Meant to Be

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Potty Training Day 3

We started potty training my 2 year old on Monday. And to say it has been a breeze would be a lie. We aren't doing any of the 3 day methods, though I love the idea. But our friends that we are currently staying with probably wouldn't be a fan of accidents on their nice… Continue reading Potty Training Day 3

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Toddlers are SO Embarrassing, but are SO Worth It!

I left the library today with sweat rolling off of me. I juggled a squirmy toddler and a bag of books, while trying to avoid rain puddles and utter embarrassment. We made a trip to the library today, and what I thought would be a fun experience was not. The play area was overly crowded… Continue reading Toddlers are SO Embarrassing, but are SO Worth It!

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The Itinerary of Parenthood

This morning I woke up and was ready to go back to sleep. I had a migraine that lingered over my right eye all day, and this morning, made it hard for that eye to focus. But, I'm a mom, so going back to bed was out of the question. Photo by Pixabay on… Continue reading The Itinerary of Parenthood

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How to Stay Sane on Sick Days

Don't you just hate when things don't go as planned? That's how my week started off. I had big plans to get the house cleaned and organized (exciting, I know), but...a lovely virus hit our household. So, instead of cleaning, I've cuddled. I can assure you though, there are no complaints. I've been trying to… Continue reading How to Stay Sane on Sick Days